"Urban Shaman" by C.E. Murphy

Genre: Urban Fantasy
The Story: Joanne Walker is having the mother of bad days when, returning home from her mother’s funeral, she encounters a modern-day banshee who predicts Joanne’s death. Without understanding how or why, Joanne finds herself pitted against Celtic gods, the legendary Wild Hunt, and a series of brutal murders that plague the city. Her only defense are shamanic powers she never knew she possessed and some unlikely sidekicks.
My Thoughts: About two-thirds of the way through, I find this book interesting if a little slow at points. Joanne is a very likable character, and the storyline is original without being too "out there." Murphy’s writing style is a pleasure to read, so that, even between the larger action, I’m not getting bored. However, this novel suffers the same affliction as most first books within a series. There’s a general sense of waiting for something that isn’t appeased by the ups and downs of the plot. So, while this may be a good book, I wouldn’t consider it great. Nevertheless, I'll more than likely check out the rest of the Walker Papers series and see if things don't pick up a bit.
Recommendation: A good read when you're in the mood for magic.

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