"Hell's Belles" by Jackie Kessler

Genre: fantasy/paranormal romance

The Story: Jezebel is a succubus on the run from Hell. In order to hide from her pursuers, she uses magic to change herself into a mortal woman. Unfortunately, life as a mortal isn't as simple as she's used to--our girl needs a job. What's a former sex-demon in New York City suppose to do for a living? That's right... stripping!

My Thoughts: Vaguely entertaining. My biggest beef is that the characters are underdeveloped. The love interest is completely lost on me because characters are so unremarkable and the romance completely insubstantial. The most interesting characters appear only briefly. The plot is good, if bland, but gets a bit lost in the unclear flashbacks. I, personally, hate flashbacks so I could be more biased than usual. Smut colors the whole book, which is fitting considering our main character is a succubus. However, nookie scenes come across as clinical rather than passionate. Like watching a behind-the-scenes documentary on porn. Granted, this is a first in a series, so maybe there’s hope for the future.

Recommendation: Skip it.

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