"Master of Darkness" by Susan Sizemore

This is one of those books I've been tossing around for a while (since August?) and have decided to finally give it a fighting chance. Why? Because lots of people seem to recommend Sizemore and her blurbs are all over the place. Plus, a series about vampires and werewolves? Of course, I had to try it on.
But first, let's take a moment to rant. The whole vampire/werewolf thing... done to death, am I right? I mean, I get that in a world where vampires exists it seems only fitting to allow for werewolves and what have you. But aren't we getting just a little tired of the pairing? Everywhere you've got sucker-scratcher wars, vamps enslaving weres (and what was That Woman thinking when she coined "animal to call" anyway?), weres engaging in mafiosi dealings with vamps in Gucci... enough already! Points to authors who use a multitude of supernatural subjects: Briggs, Vaughn, Harrison, Kenyon, Andrews. They are--in general--exempt from my displeasure, especially the ones that pioneered the paranormal/urban fantasy/fang fetish genre. What really tickles me lately, though, are the ones who specialize or get really creative, like J.R. Ward, who portrays vamps as a whole separate race and society. Or McKinley who gives us something other than the uber-sexy, jaded, independently wealthy vamps. And don't get me started on the hair. Unless there's some cultural reason as to why, men with silky long hair are not sexy. Especially if it's any other color than ink black, platinum white, or some funky blue a la anime/comic books. Okay, maybe it's acceptable if they keep it appropriately bundled up so as not to cascade down his rippling back like a vanilla-scented waterfall. Ranger's stubby ponytail, Daegus's wrapped braid--this is sexy. This is acceptable. Others not so much.

Which, at last, leads me to to book. Aside from Laurent's silvery-blond glitter rock do, I'm just not digging the story. Nearly halfway through and I'm still bored. I accept partial blame for jumping in mid-series (MoD is #4) but unless you've had the bad luck to pull a filler from the pile, usually the middle stuff is the best anyway. So I consider this a lost cause. So I'm not even going to bother telling you what the story's about. Go read something else.


  1. i wouldn't put kenyon in the category of exemption as of reading "dream chaser," more like possible probation. you may disagree with me, but "unleash the night" was the last good book she came out with, though i must admit i am a bit biased when it comes to were-hunters, mmm. sadly, everything since has just been dissapointing filler. yes, filler. i think she's just so geared up for acheron's book coming out in august the rest before it is just...blah.

    p.s. any guys hair that's longer then mine is NOT sexy at all. plus, he'd use too much of my shampoo and conditioner.

    p.p.s. ever heard of lynn viehl? she has an intersting take on suckers of you want to check her out. she has a weird thing about scent...

  2. In honesty, I haven't been truly happy with the hunter books since "Seize the Night." For me, that was the last one to both advance the storyline and have interesting characters. Everything else since, I feel, has accomplished only one or the other (or neither in certain sad cases). I really wanted to like "Devil May Cry" because I was all excited over a Sumerian god but... yeah. I totally agree with you on the filler. It makes it hard to follow the larger story because of all the boring crap going on. And I'm sad to hear that "Dream Chaser" was a no-go. Xypher seemed neat.

    Oh and, let me just say, not digging the new cover art with too up close pictures of non-sexy guys with dimpled chins. I hate when they put an actual dude on the cover; I'm usually much happier with my own interpretation, thank you.