"Servant: the Awakening" by L.L. Foster

This book launches a new series for L.L. Foster, also known as Lori Foster, romance writer. I was quite intrigued when buying the book, but I found the reality to have fallen short of the expectations. I had not read any of her books, but I recognized her name and was hopeful. Though I can't give any concrete criticisms, I'm sorry to report that this book failed to pull me in. Perhaps it was the protagonist, Gabrielle Cody, that I didn't care for. An orphan able to see the demons walking among us, Gaby is God's warrior against evil. Part ingenue, part Amazon, Gaby is a mass of contradictions that drives Detective Luther Cross crazy with frustrated desire. To me, though, she's mostly a ragamuffin with an attitude. And I like attitude, don't get me wrong, but something was lacking from this story, something that will keep me from picking up the sequel, Servant: the Acceptance (released this September). In the end, all I've really got to say is, "meh."

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