"First You Run" by Roxanne St. Claire

Mild. Lukewarm. Slow. In other words, this book didn't light any fires for me. Adrien Fletcher wasn't that exciting, Miranda Lang wasn't exciting at all. As for the plot -- meh. I enjoyed the Maya angle, but I had a difficult time getting through this one and have no intention of reading any more works from this author.


  1. Can't believe you didn't like this and liked Up Close and Personal. My opinions were exactly reversed. UC&P was basically a survival manual. You really should read more in St. Claire's series and give it another chance. She's an autobuy for me, while Howard has fallen off the radar.

  2. Perhaps it's as much nostalgia as anything. When I pick up a Howard book, I WANT to like it whereas I've come to regard unknown authors with an edge of skepticism. Too many bad reading experiences for me to believe I'll actually enjoy an author that I haven't already been reading for years. In fact, I'm often surprised when I actually like a book.