"Faefever" by Karen Marie Moning

Finally... the agonizing wait for Faefever is over and we now usher in the torturous downtime until Dreamfever. I trust everyone is back on schedule after having put their lives on hold while reading Fae. I swear, we should have been able to declare the 16th a national holiday. Well, if we start now we could have a movement going for next year. Who's with me? By the way, how do you know your man's a keeper? When he sees you ogling your Faefever Countdown widget with 10 hours, 42 minutes, and 15 seconds left to go and says, "do you want me to go to the bookstore while you're at work tomorrow?" Hoo-wee!

Now, let's get down to business. The book. Be warned: there will be spoilers.

I gotta say, to start off, that reading the first three chapters in advance muted some of my excitement over this book. About 20-30 % me would go back in time and change that decision. I think because I ended Bloodfever feeling like anything could and would happen in book 3, but with the sneak previews of Faefever I had too much time to form expectations about the rest of the book. I come away from Fae feeling like I didn't get what I wanted. Somewhat. Because -- let's be frank -- this series is fricking awesome. I'm always happy to read what KMM has to offer. So let's just move on to the funner parts.

V'lane... honestly I found him boring until now. His predictability was quite underwhelming when placed next to the ever-mysterious Barrons. Now V'lane has substance, and I like a man with substance. I loved the whole scene at the abbey and other side-seers, with him and Mac meeting in that gray area of compromise more and more. It adds to one of my favorite themes of the series: the complexity and complicity of Mac.

As for Mac and her complexity, can we say, "mental breakdown"? I mean, holy shit. I can't say I was shocked or surprised by where the story ended, but I'm deeply impressed by KMM's balls. I can't think of many authors who would go down that path. I felt myself going psychotic just reading this book. It was great. Only Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series has ever had the same hold over me, pulling me into the ever-darkening, ever-fracturing psyche of the main character. Why, it gives me chills. I'm on edge, waiting to see where Mac goes from here. Usually when I get all excited over a series, it's due to an intriguing male character and the romantic/sexual tension between couples. Mac, however, is fascinating in her own right. Thank Odin that KMM chose a first-person perspective for these books. I can't imagine the series would be half as delightful otherwise. Barrons actually took a backseat in my interest during this run (facilitated by his absence from much of the plot). And I can live with that, surprisingly.

Who else is peeved that we didn't get to see the MacKeltars? I can't believe they still haven't made a real entrance. Christian is cool, certainly more interesting than any of the modern-day MacKeltars have been 'til now, but I'm dying to see how Daegus interacts with Barrons. And wouldn't you love to know what Adam would have to say about this whole situation? Here's hoping we'll see him and Gabrielle again in the future. And I miss the silent conversations between Barrons and Mac. Those were excellent, not to mention hot.

I'm forcing myself to stop here, as I could write about this book/series all day and never run out of comments.


  1. Just thought I'd say something here too. I was so caught up in this book by the end that when I finished the last page I was still turning them looking for more. Now we have to wait another fricking year! That's just mean. :) Anyway, I was disappointed that there wasn't more Barrons (just love him) and I'm worried because there's only two more books and we still don't know what he is or what he's got under his garage. I was also surprised that we didn't see the MacKeltars but I'm thinking we might in the next one. And with Gabrielle being a sidhe-seer too she'll probably show up too. Think Mac's going to be pri-ya now? Who gets to be the one to change that? I was also surprised that Barrons didn't make her go with him to Scotland. He's usually so demanding but this time, with the possibility of the walls coming down and all hell breaking loose for crying out loud, why would he choose to be flexible? I'll stop here cause I could talk all day too.

  2. Yeah, I bet Mac will be pri-ya now. Especially given the fact that pri-yas keep coming up in conversation, so to speak. And I was also surprised by Barrons' accommodating behavior, but he's definitely "softer" in this book, overall. With the apology presents and blatant jealousy. And remember: after their make-out session in book 2, Mac was the one to pull back from him during the drive home, not he from her. That whole scene with the birthday cake was obviously a case of "doth protest too much." Besides, she needed to stay in Dublin for plot purposes.

    Anyhow, I'm concerned that books 4 and 5 will have too much ground to cover and the answers to all these questions will just be shoved in where they can fit -- a sitch that always makes for a disappointing series finale. Here's hoping.

  3. I am a stout believer that Moning will give us the HEA (Happily Ever After) we're wanting. I am convinced now more than ever that it will be with Barrons.

    There was that little scene with V'lane and Barrons verbally having at it and a mention of a princess teaching Barrons enough (or something) was mentioned. Also those little excerpts from Rowena's book Dani stole for Mac has a child/guy imprisoned in a cage that a princess kept for her amusements.

    Who better to help Mac with her new found Pri-ya status than an ex-Pri-ya...Barrons! Just some musings from endless speculation since we won't know anything more until an entire year from now...sigh.


  4. I'm thinking the dead woman Barrons carried from the mirror was that princess. Or a princess. Because V'lane (if I remember correctly) said the Seelie princesses were killed off, or in danger of being killed of, or something. And E -- your theory could certainly explain why Barrons hates V'lane so much, something we haven't really been given an answer to. It's obvious there's some serious history there; it can't be something as simple as a general dislike of the fae.