Eternal Hunger: Mark of the Vampire by Laura Wright

I didn't like this book, in particular, but I do think I might like this series, as a whole. To me, this book was an icebreaker, the introduction to a possibly interesting series.

The Mark of the Vampire series is built around three vampire brothers, rebels within their own society. Things kick off with the eldest of the three, Alexander Roman. Cursed by their father's legacy, the genetics of a breeder male, Alexander faces a transformation that turns a vampire's lust for blood -- and women -- into an uncontrollable fury. Enter Sara Donahue, a human woman who crosses his path just when he's the most dangerous. Sara wants nothing to do with vampires and this strange new world she's been thrust into, but Alexander just can't seem to let her go . . .

In its own right, this book was only passably entertaining. Unfortunately, I simply never grew interested in Alexander and his story; I was much more interested Lucian, Alexander's youngest brother, and a few other side characters -- whose own stories didn't start to develop until halfway through. Consequently, just as I was getting into things, it all was coming to a close.

There are a lot of lukewarm responses to this book, but fans of vampire romances should give it a try. Certainly don't let my criticisms steer you away. I did like the author's style of writing, and -- with the exception of Alexander -- the characters were all appealing. Also, major plus points for sex appeal. I'd give it a 4 out of 5 on steaminess. Eternal Hunger ended with a satisfying close to Alexander and Sara's story but left enough hanging to build momentum towards the next book. I think once this series gets into full swing, reception among readers may improve. Overall, this read like a cross between Larissa Ione's Demonica series and J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood . . . plenty of potential.

So despite my own tepid response to Eternal Hunger, I will keep an eye out for the rest of this series, even if only to read more about Lucian.

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