Shadow Keepers Series by J.K. Beck

I have to say, I've always liked this author's work when writing as Julie Kenner, but this new series, Shadow Keepers, is easily better -- better characters, better writing, better stories. I hope this series goes far because it has a lot of wonderful potential.

In the first book, When Blood Calls, prosecuting attorney Sara Constantine is pulled into a world she never knew existed -- one full of vampires, werewolves, and demons. Her new job is to prosecute Lucius Dragos, a high-profile vampire and all-around badass. It's a case that could make her career, so long as the fiery attraction between them doesn't get out of control.

This is a great book -- it's sexy, funny, intriguing ... all in all, a joy to read. I loved Lucius Dragos, right off the bat. He's the perfect blend of bad boy and chivalrous hero. Sara Constantine, is no slouch, either. She comes across as a very strong yet believable character, and these two are well-suited to each other. All the side characters are equally interesting in their own rights, leaving you very intrigued about where this new series will go. As for the plot, it hits the ground running and doesn't let up for a single page.

When Pleasure Rules picks up the story with Vincent Rand, a werewolf hitman investigating a brewing war between werewolves and vampires. And keeping tabs on him is Lissa, a succubus with the power to steal men's secrets. Caught between two powerful factions, Lissa can't let her feelings for Rand overrule her judgment, but he just may be her only hope for survival.

I really loved When Blood Calls. I really liked When Pleasure Rules. No real love with the sequel, but it's still a good book in a good series. Lissa and Rand are both appealing and well-written, especially as a duo. There was plenty of chemistry, to keep things lively, and complexity, to keep things interesting. The story was also nicely paced from cover to cover, and I never grew bored. Best of all, just enough attention was given to the "supporting" characters, building anticipation for the next and future books of this series.

This is a fantastic new series. There's a nice balance of paranormal action and spicy romance, so you'll never get bored. I eagerly look forward to the next books from J.K. Beck.

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