"Hidden Agendas" by Lora Leigh

Genre: contemporary romance

The story: Emily, daughter of a U.S. senator, is in danger of being kidnapped by a big-time cartel boss. Kell Kreiger is the hardcore SEAL assigned to protect her. The twist--she's been half in love with him most of her life.

Review: This is the kind of book I love to kill a free afternoon with. It's fast-paced and diverting without any hints of angst, pretension, or overt sappiness. The plot plays second fiddle to the uber-hot relationship between Kell and Emily. Obviously part of a related group of books, but stands on its own well enough. The characters are interesting, the action is entertaining, and the sex is great.

Recommendation: This book has two things I love--hot smut and alpha males. For that, I'd say it's worth a glance.

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