"The Devil's Right Hand" by Lilith Saintcrow

Japhrimel lives! Woo woo!

Genre: Urban Fantasy

The Story: Book 3 of Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series. Dante and Japhrimel are back together again, but the honeymoon comes crashing to an end when Lucifer comes a-knocking once more. The demons of Hell are rebelling and Danny must replace Japhrimel as the Devil's Right Hand. Unfortunately, the assignment may divide the two lovers...if it doesn't kill them, first.

My Thoughts: When I finished Book 1 I thought, "wow! I can't wait to read the next one." After finishing Book 2, I thought, "I have to tell everyone about this series." Now, after living and breathing this last book for the last ten conscious hours, I feel that same hum of contentment I felt back in the days when Robb's (Roberts's) In Death series was still a new and exciting thing. Danny has all the ass-kicking, hair-pulling appeal as Eve Dallas, with that same core of vulnerability to keep her character credible. Japhrimel is the tall, dark demon who becomes more of a mystery the longer you know him. It's both fascinating and frustrating to watch their relationship develop--I thought I had communication problems. With the added spice of violence, otherworldly creatures, and plenty of sass I couldn't be happier.

Recommendation: Buy it now! Read it now! Go, go, go!


  1. This was a great series you sent my way my dear. It's so hard to find good, emphasis on good, authors. Let alone a good author with more than one published item. On another note, the Laura Lee Guhrke book you lent me? I imagine you to be smirking right now as you know what I have to say. THERE WERE ENTIRE PAGES OF MISSING TEXT! As if the printing press got tired and decided that those silly little pages were too much work to fill with words. The last few chapters of the book are riddled with blank pages. BLANK PAGES. Why would you do this to me??? ~A.

  2. I'll admit I totally forgot about that when I gave you that book. However, now that I'm remembering my own frustration and picturing your outrage... gosh, that's funny.