"Shameless" by Lora Leigh

Genre: contemporary erotic romance

The Story: This book from Leigh's Bound Hearts series. The basis of the series is a sordid little men's group, creatively called The Club. It's a very private, very exclusive club where rich, lusty men with... adventurous appetites can find like-minded company.

Shameless is about the owner of this club, Ian Sinclair, and Courtney Mattlaw, the daughter of one of his closest friends. Courtney has had her sights and heart set on Ian since she was a teenager, but she has to convince him that daddy's little princess is all grown up, now, and woman enough to handled his bent sexual habits.

My Thoughts: Shameless, indeed. This book is not for the faint of heart. This is no cheesy romance novel with a few nookie scenes thrown in when the plot gets dry. This is smut, folks, and some pretty jaw-dropping smut at that.

Recommendation: If you're after something naughty, this is for you. Read at your own discretion, and never in a public place.


  1. Yay, just in time for my anniversary. It's great to have a guy to jump after reading a steamy novel. And another yay for finally getting your blog up! E

  2. Lucky for you, Lora Leigh appears to have quite a number of books... if your guy can handle it.