"My Immortal" by Erin McCarthy

Genre: Dark fantasy romance

The Story: Damien du Bourgh, a spoiled and selfish rich boy, bargains with a demon for immortality. The price? He's now a demon's servant, charged with provoking humans into lust and sin.

Marly Turner is the quintessential good girl. She's spent her whole life taking care of others, being responsible, and erring on the side of moderation. When Marly's sister goes missing, her only clue is an e-mail that leads to Damien's New Orleans plantation. In order to find her sister, Marly must pit herself against Damien and all the temptations he brings.

My Thoughts: This is decidedly darker and more sexual than McCarthy's Heiress for Hire. Surprisingly, though, the story is more about character development than it would originally seem. The paranormal aspect is rather weak, more of a vehicle than a significant feature of the story. As for the smut factor...yes, sex is a major theme but I wouldn't consider the book all that smuttier than you're typical bodice ripper. Much is left to the imagination.

Marly and Damien make interesting if predictable characters. The embedded back story of Marie, Damien's deceased wife, is the best part of the story. If McCarthy had written more about that I think this would have been a great book. Sadly, she didn't. So it isn't.

Recommendation: Read if you're bored. Skip if you've got better things to read.

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