"Witch Fire" by Anya Bast

Genre: Paranormal Romance

The Story: Mira Hoskins is recently divorced, works as a waitress in a local diner, and lonely not to mention horny. She's also an air elemental witch, although she never knew it. Enter Jack McAllister, a fire witch and agent for the Coven. Jack must protect Mira from a rogue faction, at the same time training Mira in her powers. To make matters trickier, air and fire form an intense attraction that Mira and Jack can't resist.

My Thoughts: This book was all about one thing--sexual tension. Like a one night stand, the story took a nosedive once Mira and Jack finally get it on and the itch is scratched. The actual plot is unimaginative and the characters are nothing special. Points for originality on the elemental magic. Points lost for the author's misuse of good potential. The best part of the book was neither the plot or the two protagonists; it was the supporting role of Thomas, the strong and tightly wound leader of the Coven. You know the type... the kind of man that makes you want to muss his hair and seduce him atop his paperwork.

On a side note, the smut is built on a bondage/submission angle that, in my opinion, was carelessly handled. The whole bondage thing was a prop, not an integral part to the story. It hardly factored into Jack's personality or even his relationship dynamic with Mira. What does that leave us with? Gratuity. Shame, shame Ms. Bast. Read some Lora Leigh and learn how kink is supposed to be done.

Recommendation: This one can be passed up with very little pain.

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