"A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court" by Marianne Macusi

Genre: Time-Travel Romantic Comedy (medieval)

The Story: As the title says, a 21st century fashionista is sent back to the Middle Ages. King Arthur's court, to be specific. What happens when a cell-phone toting, Armani-wearing, back-talking city girl lands in the middle of the Knights of the Round Table? She gets thrown into the tower! Will Lancelot be her knight in shining armor, or is his heart already taken--by Queen Guenever?

My Thoughts: Definitely a fluff-read, but a diverting one at that. Silly and improbable with some good, clean fun. Kudos to Mancusi for writing a "behind the scenes" story in which Guenever does not come across as a vapid ho and Lancelot isn't a womanizing ninny. Up yours, Malory. I do have one gripe, though, with Mancusi's characterization. Kat Jones, our little time-traveler, is supposed to sophisticated yet not that bright. She talks about not paying attention back in school yet makes literary references and quotes FDR. I don't mind the author leaking into a character in principle, but since this is a first-person narrative a little consistency is necessary. No talking about The Odyssey if your character is supposed to be a flighty clotheshorse.

Recommendation: Good for killing time.

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