"Lover Unbound" by J.R. Ward

Genre: Paranormal Romance

The Story: This here is Book 5 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. In which it finally dawns on me why they're called the Black Dagger Brotherhood, as there are these nifty black-bladed daggers they each have... Anyhow, this continues soon after Book 4 and deals with my second-favorite Brother, Vishous.

Vishous, son of the Bloodletter, has got his fair share of shadows in his past. Now his future isn't looking any better, either. The Scribe Virgin has charged him with a new destiny: to be the Primale for the Chosen and ensure the continuation of his species. To twist things up more, Vishous has stumbled upon love with a human woman, Dr. Jane Whitcomb. They can't be together, but neither can they bear to be apart.

My Thoughts: I love this book. No surprise there. I especially love how the series flows seamlessly from one book to the next. This may as well be one giant novel. So, if you haven't read Ward's books yet, definitely start at the beginning. But back to Vishous...

[SPOILER ALERT! Do not continue if you've not read the previous books.]
I was curious how Ward would pull this off. After all, the whole Vishous-Butch-Marissa triangle is an obvious obstacle to any love interest going V's way. Then there's his kinky nature and serious intimacy issues. Those who're getting all squicked over the Butch-thing can relax. Ward eases V away from that particular affection without belittling it. And V's bondage fixation never goes into the realm of TMI. It's erotic without being omigod! or disturbing. For the "experienced" reader, anyway.

Also, our other unbonded characters are getting just enough press coverage to keep you looking towards the future. John's coming along nicely, Phury's pulling the stick out of his ass, and some other side characters are springing up.

Recommendation: What? You mean you still haven't read it? What are you waiting for? Go!


  1. hm, i like this series, but my fav so far is lover eternal with rhage. i was a bit queased out in some places with v's issues, but it turned out alright.

  2. I read the first three books out of order (because "Expedited Shipping" doesn't seem to mean "Send Me My Book Now!" in all pockets of the universe) so I wasn't all that enthused to read "Lover Eternal" after reading books 1 and 2. I'd have to agree, though, that was a really good one. Way more interesting than I'd expected. I loved the fact that Rhage ate like a binger but had perfect table manners. Character quirks, gotta love 'em.