"Moll Flanders" by Daniel Defoe

Hated it.

There are people out there who get all excited over this book, this piece of classic, canonical literature. Well in this instance (as in several others) the canon can suck it.

First off, an 18th century Puritan man who hated women isn't the best choice for writing a female perspective. Second, there are no chapter breaks. None. Have you ever tried to read a boring-ass novel with no chapter breaks and questionable punctuation? Not to mention random capitalization and italics? I could have been drunk while reading this and it would have made more sense. Third, the reason why we like social-climbers like Scarlett O'Hara despite her conniving, manipulative, and whiney ways is because she's also classy, loving, and charming. Moll, for the record, is neither classy nor loving and her charms are as thin as water. I kept waiting for her to contract syphilis and die in a prison cell. Sadly, she lived.

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