"Savor Me Slowly" by Gena Showalter

If you like your violence with a touch of science fiction, Showalter's "Alien Huntress" series is a good pick. The premise for the series is that, in the future, various species of aliens have struck up resident on Earth. A government agency called Alien Investigation and Removal is judge, jury, and executioner where criminal aliens are concerned. Within the ranks of AIR are some buttkicking, gun-toting, kill-you-as-soon-as-look-at-you women that serves as the heroine of each novel.

In this book, Mishka Le'Ace has been genetically and cybernetically engineered to be the perfect agent. Not that she had any say in the matter. With her strings being pulled by her "creators," Le'Ace must fight, kill, and screw her way through whatever mission they throw at her. Orders are to rescue Agent Jaxon Tremaine from his otherworld torturers -- not fall in love with him.

This book was good. Perhaps not as good as the first of the series, though more memorable than the second. I was pleased as punch until the end, which I felt was not only out of character but also too tidy to be anything but a cop out. My problem: Mishka and Jaxon are the misunderstood couple that well-intentioned friends try to break up. And when your friends are all armed and homicidal, "intervention" takes on a whole new connotation. So what do Mishka and Jaxon do? They forgive the pigheaded fools and get all, "gosh, let's just forget the whole silly thing." Puh-lease. Now, I'm quite the fan of Gena Showalter but I must protest when an author gets sloppy.

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