"Iron Kissed" by Patricia Briggs

Goody goody! Book 3 of the Mercy Thompson series is out and in my hot little hands. Immediate response: why has the cover artist felt the need to give Mercy a different face with each book? The tattoo thing is explained to my satisfaction on Briggs's website, but is anyone else bugged by the Many Face of Mercy? (Note to Self: neat title for a story or even poem should I decide to attempt creative writing again.) Particularly since she seems to have gotten uglier? And not one of 'em match the image in my head. Mercy the First was pouty, Take Two was more cute in the face than seemed fitting, and #3 is trying too hard to be a tough and confident yet sexually appealing tomboy.

Yeah, yeah, but what about the story? Well, it's a good one. In anticipation of this release--and because I'd only read it once to date--I reread "Blood Bound" not too long ago, so I was all up to speed on the tense love triangle and Mercy's growing loss of anonymity. This third installment moves right along with the last. There's quite a bit of development on that triangle that I found most pleasing. I won't say if I'm an Adam or a Samuel fan, since to do so would give too much away. The plot was interesting from the word go but deceptively calm until close to the end and--BAM!--all kinds of shit goes down.

The side characters are all starting to come alive, which makes sense since this is slated to be a seven-book series. Ben fans will pleased. I know, I know... me and my thing for British bad boys. Honey's back and more, dare I say it, sweet than before. Gabriel and Jesse get a little action, though not in that way. Warren and Kyle fans will be disappointed by their minor role and I know I was saddened by the big lack of Sebastien, though he's in Mercy's thoughts.

In conclusion, another score for Briggs and the beginning of an end to the dry spell of worthwhile new releases.

Side Note: Patricia Briggs has two signings "in our area" this week.

  • January 3rd: Seattle, The University Bookstore, 7:00 pm
  • January 4th: Portland, Powells (the Cedar Hills store), 7:00 pm

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