Update on an Old Favorite

"Tangled Webs" by Anne Bishop, set in the Dark Jewels world, comes out early this March. Bishop has posted an excerpt on her site, a prologue and the first chapter. The story does focus on Surreal, after all, which necessitates plenty of Daemon due to their close relationship. I'm so happy. If you haven't already read the bit, go do so now so I can have someone to speculate with.


  1. I finished ready the blurp then scrolled around the page a bit more in confusion. As if to say, surely this is just a tease and more is hidden somewhere. Ahhh, March is so far away.

  2. The only thing worse than the wait will be that moment once you finish the book and realized you're going to have to wait another forever for a new book. Especially since I'll be in a Daemon kind of mood and I've yet to find another Daemon thus far. Some come close but it's just not the same. And now I'm revisiting my disappointment in Sebastien. That was sad.