"Halfway to the Grave" by Jeaniene Frost

This is the first of five books in Frost's "Night Huntress" series, which revolves around a half-vampire heroine named Cat Crawfield. Cat, whose mother was attacked by a vampire, has been taught her whole life to hate vampires and has learned to use her supernatural legacy against them. When her covert crusade pits her against a vampire bounty hunter known as Bones, she must learn to work with the enemy in order to bag a bigger prize.

All the credit for picking this book out goes to A, who was oh, so happy to have turned the tables on me a little. As she should have, since this turned out to be a really good book. Frost really developed her main character, which I consider the hallmark of any decent story. A determined hardass on the outside, an injured wallflower deep down. It was fun watching all of Cat's preconceptions and conditioned thinking crumble to dust as she got to know "the enemy" on a personal level. The progress of her relationship with Bones (yes, I know, the name's a gag but ya can't win 'em all) was particularly interesting. They run the whole gamut from violence to suspicion to trust to sexual tension. And Jupiter knows I'm a sucker for UST. With each chapter the story became more and more compelling. By the end I was twitching to pick up the sequel and find out "what next?" Alas, that sequel won't arrive until April.

Now, it has to be said -- it figures that I would like this book, considering Frost's blatant appropriation of one of my favs, Spike. Within sentences of "meeting" Bones, the comparison becomes obvious... bleached-blond, snarky, prominant cheekbones, British with a lower-class accent, blue eyes, rides a motorcycle, keeps calling her 'luv'... if Frost isn't a closet fanfic writer I'd be surprised, given how strongly Bones invokes Spike. But ask me if I mind?


  1. i picked up this book on your recommendation and i have to say that i wasn't disappointed. though i did want a nice and neat ending i am on pins and needles awaiting the sequel. oh, well i guess i'll just have to pacify myself with a BtVS marathon fest complete with black cherry kool-aid and chocolate...lots and lots of chocolate.


  2. I know, I mean...the whole book was good but it was just within the last few pages that things got really intense. Plus Cat does this little personality shift and you wonder, "what's Bones gonna think?"

    The other night I was watching "Blade: Trinity" (Ryan Reynolds...mmm...) and ate a tupperware bowl of melted chocolate with a spoon. It was originally for dipping apple slices into but I ran out of apples. (Melted chocolate on Ryan Reynolds...mmmm...).

  3. "One Foot in the Grave," book 2 of Frost's Night Huntress series comes out April 29th. Read an excerpt on Frost's website: http://www.jeanienefrost.com/one-foot-in-the-grave.html