"When She's Bad" by Leanne Banks

I realize it looks as if I never read anything other than paranormal/fantasy/yetanothervampire books but I swear it's not so. And as proof I offer you this little tidbit dug out of my shelves while rearranging my paperbacks.

Her whole life, Delilah Montague has always had to rely on herself and learned to keep the world at arms' length. After the death of her bestfriend, whom everyone believed was her sugardaddy, Delilah ends up the overworked director of his business, the despised protector of his socialite daughter, and the unexpected guardian of his secret love child. If life weren't hard enough, her next door neighbor handles insomnia with midnight renovations.

This was a sweet love story and just a good story in general. Delilah is an admirable, strong-willed heroine and Benjamin Huntington III is the perfect sexy-neighbor. The story ties in with other books (which I've yet to read) but stands alone.

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