"To Hell and Back" by Lilith Saintcrow

Another series put to bed. All things considered, I'm satisfied with this conclusion to the Dante Valentine books. The story was drawn to a nice close without any real cliffhangers to drive a person crazy and there was plenty of both action and character development. Definitely not a cop-out book the way some authors end a complicated series. And this was a complicated story if for no other reason than trying to figure out the main character. Traumatized, instinctively violent, emotionally needy -- Danny is a love-hate relationship personified. Then there's Japhrimel, tenderly protective lover and controlling, treacherous demon that he is. It's interesting how as the books went along he became more and less than he was in book one. It's also frustrating to get the story from only Danny's perspective as so much of their relationship goes unspoken. Certainly, though, this final installment sheds more light on Japh, the A'nankhimel, and their hedairae than all four previous books combined.

Incidentally, I've three other demon/fallen angel books on my to-read list. I had intended to make a run of it but perhaps I'll "lighten" things up with some werewolves, instead. After nearly four hundred pages of Dante's near-psychotic state, I'm feeling a little severe.

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