"If Angels Burn" by Lynn Viehl

I do so love it when I get book recs from people (whose reading tastes I actually respect, that is). Credit goes out to E, who passed this series along to me. More vampires, 'cause you know how I like 'em. Thankfully, not a frilly, laced-necked poet's shirt was found among them. The story opens with Alexandra Keller, plastic surgeon extraordinaire. She's being pursued by a mysterious millionaire, one Michael Cyprien, to perform an undisclosed operation. The catch? He refuses to leave his home in New Orleans, offers a suspicious payment of $4 million, and won't take "no" for an answer. We can see where this is going, I'm sure.

What follows is an intriguing story as Alex is pulled, kicking and screaming death threats, into the vampiric underworld. And you'd like Alex -- I know I did. So hostile, so violent. Her compulsive urge to hurt people was vastly entertaining, let me tell you. They all deserved it, though, don't worry. I also enjoyed Viehl's take on the paranormal classic. Her vampires aren't completely innovative but have some distinctive characteristics, some more original than others. I was warned about the scent thing, true, but for the life of me can't figure why one would make their main dude smell like roses. Not pine needles, or juniper, or even lilies. Demons, thankfully, seem to universally smell of amber and spices. Point for them.

My complaints: I was not convinced by the chemistry (or love, for that matter) between Alex and Michael. Nor did I find Cyprien to be particularly appealing. When he wasn't being an anacronistic blockhead, he sulked around feeling good about how patient and understanding he was being. Shyeah. Alex should have totally slapped him around more. And Phillipe should have given Cyprien a run for his money. Not surprising but I liked him and Lucan better than Cyprien. Thankfully, I've got Dark Need right here waiting to be read.

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  1. Phillipe gets better and better throughout the series. Lucan's book is by far the best one so far. The others kind of fritter away with only short scenes of Alex and Phillipe since Lucan's kinda antisocial.