Mac Vs. the Shades

Karen Marie Moning has put up a cute little video game on the Sidhe-Seer, Inc. site. It's very simple but good for a few giggles. Kinda tricky with a touchpad, though -- I couldn't get higher than 2,050 points. And if you haven't already checked out the "Little Lamb" song, it's a hoot. Like Green Jelly meets Joss Whedon... It's a baaad night... to be a little lamb... Best of all, Moning's February newsletter comes with a teasing appetizer of an excerpt. Go read that then come back, I'll wait.

Okay, read it? Whatcha think? I'm guessing Mac finds Alina's journal and this is her talking about Darroc. And did you see that the next two books are titled Dreamfever and Shadowfever? Ooh, this is all so exciting, only seven months left... sigh. Okay, I can't even pretend that isn't a forever and a half to wait.

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  1. Hmm, that's a really good theory and probably correct. Most of the buzz in the Moning Forum think it's Mac thinking about Barrons. Hah. As if. I'm thinking the sex doesn't start up until Dreamfever or Shadowfever.