"One Foot in the Grave" by Jeaniene Frost

Another exciting book from the Night Huntress series. I'm pleased to report that, after all the anticipation, this sequel to Halfway to the Grave was everything I hoped it would be. Cat kicks some serious ass, her FBI connections give us some interesting side characters, and Bones is more sexy and ruthless than before. I must say, I really like Frost's writing. I zipped through OFG in less than a day without ever becoming bored; the pace was perfect and the language engaging... even fresh. After so many vampire stories read, that's high praise, indeed. I just have to say, though...


...Bones can fly? Come on... was it necessary to go that direction? I'm still trying to get over the unfortunate name choice, and now the guy is swooshing around like a b-rate Dracula? I obviously didn't care for it. Mencheres definitely got the cooler power set. And I still don't believe Frost when she claims Bones wasn't inspired by Spike. He even gets the leather coat for crying out loud. And don't get me started on the cheap-ass glue job on the cover.


  1. An excellent second book by Frost. The extra 'power' Bones has feels like it was just through in there out of the blue. All I have to say is 'At Grave's End' December 30, 2008. Woo. And I agree with the whole Bones/Spike thing. I just replace Bones' name with Spike and it makes it all better.


  2. Copy/paste-ing Spike in often makes my world better. Especially when a hero is supposed to be any of the following: short, blond, British, or skinny. I've just finished viewing Season 6 of Buffy over the last few weeks, so Spike has been popping up in my mental images a lot. Too fun.

    You know, I'm almost worried about whatever unrevealed "powers" Frost might be harboring for Bones. If he starts shape-shifting or turning into mist I might be seriously off put.