What a Lovely Way to Burn

The months until the release of Faefever, book 3 of Karen Marie Moning's "Fever Series" are slowly trickling by. Agonizingly. Depressingly. Torturously. Is that a word? BUT! KMM understands our pain and sees fit to give us teasers now and then. The latest teaser is available on her most recent newsletter... and, yes, we get some Barrons action. Do go read it right away, it'll make you happy. And if you missed the previous teaser, you can find it in my earlier post "Mac Vs. the Shades."

Something else that will make you happy: there's talk about a movie! The NY Times announced that 20th Century Fox has optioned for a Fever film. Is that not wonderful? Though I can't imagine what overestimated, Byronic actor they'd get to play Barrons.


  1. as with all book-turned-movie i reserve judgement until i've seen the movie at least twice. but it does sound exciting and the kmm forums are ablaze with who will play who. i heard kristen bell or whatever her name is on heroes is a leading candidate for mac.

  2. I always get excited over those "who would you cast...?" lists, but when I check 'em out I never have any clue who those people are. I need to either start watching TV or finally realize I'm wasting my time.

  3. hahaha. more awesome book titles inspired by T...

    hayfever (the one that started it all)

    i'll keep you posted on any more i find...