"Embrace the Night" by Karen Chance

I put off reading this book because I didn't remember much of the first two installments of the Cassandra Palmer Series, and I didn't have time to reread them. The only thing I could remember was Mircea and losing interest in his character during the second book. I had completely forgotten about John Pritkin. Now there's a character I can get into. Whereas Mircea is flat, kind of obnoxious, and rather boring, Pritkin has some actual development. He's also a sexy, asskicking ubermage. How cool is that? I'm also tickled by the pockets of humor throughout Chance's writing. I remember, now, why I was so excited over this series. Hope Book 4, Curse the Dawn, which comes out April 2009 continues to deliver the goods. Oh, and check out the graphic version of chapter one from EtN. It's good for a smile.

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