"Dangerous Lover" by Lisa Marie Rice

In general, this is an entertaining book. Rather on the serious side, but super-sexy. The hero of the fic, Jack Prescott, is a delicious character -- capable, mysterious, dangerous. His heroine, Caroline Lake, isn't shabby, either; she's a realistic, well-developed character that garners just as much attention as her hunky counterpart. The downfall of this book is, sadly, the plot. Although an excellent premise, there's plenty of build-up and little follow through. The story is mostly character-driven, anyway, but the potential of the story is greater than the actuality. The climax is unsatisfying (pun intended) and I continue to think that Rice could have given more than she did considering the foundation she laid in earlier chapters. However, what the book lost in plot in gained in sex appeal. This one's a sizzler, for sure. Even if the author was uncommonly preoccupied with Jack's dick. Surprisingly, despite the dwindled plot I was most bugged by the fumbled editing. After a major gaff in the beginning I noticed other narrative gaps that should have been picked up and smoothed out. They don't make the book less readable, but they do detract from the polish of a final product.

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