"The Mercenary" by Cherry Adair

Good -- not great, but there are a few books I consider great, so "good" is a decent recommendation. The Mercenary is an older book, revamped by Adair, featuring the founding character of her T-FLAC Series. What makes it good? Good writing, good plot, good sex appeal. Here's the bad news -- I didn't quite buy the romance. Victoria is an excellent character, fully-fleshed, and I totally get Marc's attraction to her. I could "see" him falling in lust and then love with her. But things on her end... not so much. I see the falling in lust, but not love. Maybe I just didn't like him. Sure he was manly and all, but his issues and crankiness didn't leave much room for love -- when he wasn't being a heckling jerk, that is. He was nicest to her whenever she was asleep or otherwise out of it. Shall we say, the only chance she had with him was when she was unconscious.

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