In Sickness and in Health

News from the Nerd... the blog's been a little sluggish, for sure. Sadly, I've been suffering one form of sickness or another for the last month. July has not been fun, shall we say. But between bouts of vomiting, fevers, fainting, and prescription drugs, I have managed to polish off quite a few novels. Someday I'll even write about it. The books, not the vomiting. Though if you're that curious, I'm sure something will pop up on my livejournal. Be warned, chances of self-pity: high.


  1. So, the self-pity factor was higher than I anticipated. Highlights from my latest dramas can be found at Beyond the Booknerd's Blog.

  2. Glad to hear you didn't get kidnapped or fell in the toilet. Sucks that you got sick though. I'm feeling a bit of the kindred spirit trying to find a job and grieving the loss of getting paid to learn. My T is going back for another degree and another crack at the MAT. Lucky boob. Have you read 'Acheron' yet? Hurry up 'cause the only person I can dicuss it with is my T and he's a bit boring...


  3. I must confess, I haven't even bought "Acheron" yet; unsurprisingly, I haven't been out much lately. But I anticipate having it read by the end of the week, I promise.