And the Wheel Keeps Turning

I began reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series on the recommendation on some fool I knew in high school named Greg. That definitely explains some things now that I'm remembering that. I certainly wasn't blown away by the brilliance of the books like he was, but, at the time, I was interested in some of the characters and wanted to see where things would go. So I kept reading. And reading. And reading. I went through the books quickly because I skipped all the boring parts, of which I found many. Still, I wanted to see where things would go. But they never went. Finally, the characters became far too irritating for me to ignore, and I abandoned the series with a giant sigh of relief. Since, I've had to fend off a number of people wanted to recommend books to me, all starting with, "have you read the Wheel of Time series?"

Now, years later, I see that Hollywood still can't come up with decent screenplays of its own and must adapt another popular book series for a hopeful blockbuster. Yes, that's right, Universal has bought film rights to Jordan's books. I just can't get away from this, can I? You might ask, "but how will they make a movie out of it if Jordan died before the series was finished?" Well, some dude named Brandon Sanderson is going to write the twelfth book, A Memory of Light, using the notes Jordan left behind. So, now, when people ask me about all the movies I haven't seen, I'll hear...


  1. Hah, I feel your pain! I stopped at book 3, and a friend of mine (girl) stopped at 4. For some reason, guys I know are more reluctant to stop reading. But even THEY complain that it goes on forever. I think it depends on how honest you are being with yourself.

  2. Thank you! I've been saying for years that only a Y-chromosome can appreciate Robert Jordan but no one really listens to me. The males, especially, look at me like I'm off my rocker or something. But have you noticed that, with the exception of one or two submissive types, every female character (as far as I managed to get, which was around Book 6 somewhere)is a nagging, raving fishwife. I'm sensing some issues. Thank you for understanding my pain.